MATTER is the working title of our first project: a mobile adventure and puzzle game about particle physics. 

Our goal is to see players discovering what particle physics is about, while having a lot of fun.

We will have a vertical slice ready for December 2018, and are looking forward to having you playing our game.


Stay tuned!


QUARKTOUCH is a small team hosted at the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris. It is born from the ambition to spread scientific knowledge through fun games. As particle physicists, Yetkin and  Raphael had in mind a mobile arcade game about this specific science field. They hired Tony to develop this idea. Then, as the project grew up, Pierre-Alban joined the team, and, together, we refined the game concept and gave it a much more ambitious direction… 

Aside of our first project, we aim at developing a brand of games about various sciences, thanks to the support of specialists from our network at CNRS and Polytechnique, among others.


Physicist and Sciptwriter

Raphael is a particle physicist, as well as a science fiction writer. Merging his two passions, he ended up thinking of video games that would tell the story of the infinitely small to people who have no idea yet of its deep secrets.  That was the start of the QuarkTouch adventure... 

Tony started as a computing engineer. At the same time, he attended video-game courses at the Gobelins, l'École de l’image. With his Master degree in hand, he started to look for opportunities related to his interests. Science is one of them, and he joined QuarkTouch in March 2017.


Game developer


Game designer


After a decade in the video game industry, mainly as game designer, Pierre-Alban joined QuarkTouch in February 2018. His experience in serious game helps him in his mission: design a way to learn complex science through a highly entertaining game. For him, it is all about particles and pixels now. 


Graphic designer

Last but not least, Caroline is a junior graphic designer working on her first project. She gave life to our ideas thanks to her creativity and artistic skills. She is into the design of educative concepts as well: a perfect match for Quarktouch.


Physicist and Artist


After his studies in particle physics, Yetkin searched for ways tot make science more accessible to the public, and one medium of this goal was interactive digital arts. He designed ways of representing the Experiment as a game, and motivated the launch of the project.



Raphael Granier de Cassagnac

Ecole polytechnique

Route de Saclay

91128 Palaiseau

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